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Inggris Practice Books The Practice of English Language Teaching, 4th edition Jeremy Harmer

The highly acclaimed The Practical of English Language Teaching is an essential guide for teachers of English. The fourth edition has been completely revised to reflect new developments in language teaching. It includes a discussion of English as a world language, an evaluation of new technologies in the classroom and a DVD showing extracts from real classes and discussion between the author and the teachers.

Inggris Dictionary Oxford Student's Dictionary

Oxford Student's Dictionary
for learners using English to study other subjects.
The dictiobary includes CD Rom

Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary
The discionary includes the Compass CD Rom


Inggris Communication Strategies David Paul

Communication Strategies is a thoroughly researched and comprehensive course for intermediate level students. It covers the vocabulary, language pattern and collocations that students need to communicate actively within fifteen general topic area


Inggris Hot Topics: International Students Edition Cheryl Pavlik

Published by Thomson Heinle

Hot Topics is guaranteed to engage readers, stimulate thinking and provoke conversation while developing vocabulary and reading skills. The controversial topics explored in text all have more one side to them, thus encouraging debate and classroom interaction.

Inggris Interactions: Listening and Speaking, Silver Edition Judith Tanka

Published by ELT McGrw Hill

Interactions is a fully integrated book, academic skill series. Language proficiencies are articulated from the beginning through advanced levels within each of the four language skill strands.

Inggris Language to go-pre intermediate G. Cunningham and Sue Mohamed

Published by Longman Pearson

Language to go is a four level course with international appeal, for adult learners of English.

Inggris Longman Preparation Course for the TOEFL Test Deborah Phillips

Published by Longman

This comprehensive course gives students the skills, strategies, practice and confidence they need to succeed on all sections of the TOEFL paper based test including the Test of written English

Inggris Teaching by Principle: an interactive approach to Language Pedag HD Brown

Published by Longman

Teaching by Principle is a widely acclaimed methodology text used in teacher education programs around the world. This user-friendly textbook offers a comprehensive survey of practical language teaching option.

Inggris Practical English Language Teaching: Young Learners Caroline T.Linse

published by McGraw Hill

Practical English Language Teaching: Young Learners is one in a series of special-interest books for teachers and teachers in preparation. It provides newer teachers with an overview of issue related to teaching young learners and experienced professionals with new ideas and activities.

Inggris Teaching English at the Primary Classroom Susan Halliwell

published by Longman

Teaching English at the Primary Classroom is about classrooms where children sometimes misbehave and where teachers are sometimes too overworked to spend hours preparing lessons and anxious about their own language in English. The book give a valuable insight into how children learn language and how to achieve a positive and uninhabited attitude to language learning in your classroom 


Published by The Career Press, Inc.

Here you'll find thr most and up-to-date collection of business correspondence for every conceivable occasion-sample letters, memos, and e-mails you can use as is or adapt for your own purposes. The invaluable references contains more than 300 model letters.

For each model letters, you'll find:

Introductory comments that give you a working knowledge of each kind of correspondence
Several variations of tone and style  from which to choose the one that suits you best
Instructions on how to format, design, print, and deliver your correspondence for best effect

And this revised edition of The Encyclopedia of Business Letters, faxes and E-Mail contains more help than ever, including:

An expanded introduction to writing letters, faxes and e-mails, with new tips and advice on the best use of each
Dozes of additional simple e-mail formats to meet today's communication needs

Don't to to work without it!


This practical instructions guide shows you how to write effective business letters of every kind. it will also help you make optimal use of word processing software and teach you to communicate professionally on the internet. You'll find more than 70 examples of model letters, including credit  application, letters of inquiry, orders of goods and services, formal business announcements, letters of recommendation, and sales promotion letters of the type used by direct marketers. The newly expanded chapter on e-mail correspondence will help you design and effective resume for Internet presentation.


Inggris THE NOVEL James A. Michener



In New York, Ynonne Marmelle, Yoder's editor, battle to preserve her integrity as a ruthless corporate publisher stalks her firm - only Yoder's novel can prevent a tkeover...

Karl Streibert is a critic whose reviews can make or break a book - but he harbours bitter feelings about Yoder's success. Just when the stakes have never been so high, a violent nad terrifying event intrudes upon the world of fiction...

Inggris TAI - PAN James Clavell


The time was the early 19th century, when European trades and adventurers first began to penetrate the fabulously rich, perilously forbidding Chinese mainland. An empire was waiting to be roped and pillaged by those strong and ruthless enough top expose the naked weaknesses of Chinese power. Death was the priece for weakeness, hesitation, or ignorance of the ways of the East  and it was in this exciting time and exotic place that a giant of an Englishman, Dirk Struan, set out to turn the desolate island of Hong Kong into a an impregnablefortress of British power, and to make himself supreme ruler


Inggris THE LIVERPOOL BASQUE Helen Forrester


in the erly yeras of the century, many Basques left their homeland in the Pyrenees, beetween France and Spain, to seek a better life in the New Work. Most passed through the great post of Liverpool on their way . The family  of little Mauel Echaniz stayed.

The Liverpool Basque is the story of Manuel's childhood ans coming of age in the teeming streets of the Mesey docklands. It is a story of poverty, comtedeship, hardship and generosity. Brought up by women while the men are at sea, Manuel grouws up with a fierce pride in his heritage and a powerful will to survive in an era of deprivation and unemplyment. Against all  odds, he gets himself an education of sorts, and sets off on the long voyage of his life.

Inggris THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA Lauren Weisberger


... Somehow, someway, for some reason, Loretta had called  her old collegeroomate sho just so happened to edit the city section of The Buzz and told her that so happened to edit the next new"it" writer. That was supposed to be mr . She'd arranged an interview for me today,a nd even forewarned the woman that I'd been summarily dismissed from Miranda's emply, but the woman had just laughted and said something to the effect that if the refused to use anyone whom Miranda had dired at one pint or another, they'd barely have any any writer at all.

Inggris CASTLE OF WIZARDRY David Eddings

CAST N 0204

It had all began with the theft of the Orb that had so long protected te Wst from the evil God Torak. Before that, Garion had been a simple farm boy. afterward, he discovered that his aunt was really the Sorceress Polgara and his gradfather was Bekgarath, the Rternal Man. Then, on the long quest to recover the Orb, Garion found to his dismay that he, too, was a sorceres

Now, at last, the Orb was regained and the quest was nearing its end.Of course, the questor still had to escape from this crumbling enemy fortress and flee across a deser filled with Murgo sodiers searching for them, while Grolin strove to destroy thenwith dark magic

Inggris WUTHERING HEIGHTS Emily Bronte


The dark, wild gypsy orphan Heathcliff loved only one person on earth, beautifull, willful Cathy Earnshaw. But Cathy's bother Hindley-the cruel, deunken master of Wuthering Heights-hated and abused the orphan: their risch neighbours at Thushcross Grange, Edgar Lonton and Isabella Linton, reviled the boy. They all conspired to force Heathcliff and Cathy apart, first as playmates, then as lovers and at last to drive Heathcliff away

Year passed. Heathcliff retured a rich man - and found Cathy had married Edgar. Like a sullen demon, the gypsy vowed to rule Wuthering Heights and the Grange, to plague his termentors, to relentlessly hound and ruin the Earnshaws, the Lintons, even their Children - until he  won back the woman he loved.

Whisch would never be... for Cathy was dead

Inggris BRILLIANT ANSWERS to tough interview to whatever they can throw Susan Hodgson

ELT EAP. 0091

Every interviewrs uses testing and tricky questions - you need to stay calm and in control to impress them. No more panicky gibberish, no more saying anything just to break the silence, no more speaking too soon.

This book shows you how to answer more than 180 questions - from interview classic like "Why do you want to work for u?" or "Hve you had a job offer from anyone else?" to the downright dodgy " Are you married?"

Learn how to recognize your strengths and how to play to them, how to avoid coming out with the same old answers , and how to deal with your wsk spots and any embarrassing pauses. Discover the art of turning every question to your adventages

Inggris BRILLIANT ANSWERS to tough interview to whatever they can throw Susan Hodgson

ELT EAP. 0091

Every interviewrs uses testing and tricky questions - you need to stay calm and in control to impress them. No more panicky gibberish, no more saying anything just to break the silence, no more speaking too soon.

This book shows you how to answer more than 180 questions - from interview classic like "Why do you want to work for u?" or "Hve you had a job offer from anyone else?" to the downright dodgy " Are you married?"

Learn how to recognize your strengths and how to play to them, how to avoid coming out with the same old answers , and how to deal with your wsk spots and any embarrassing pauses. Discover the art of turning every question to your adventages

Inggris BRILLIANT JOB HUNTER'S MANUAL ; complete guide to getting the jo Angela Fagan


Job hunting. It's time consuming , it;s hard work and it's very, very stressful. What kind of jon do you really want? Where should you start looking? Is you CV up to scratch? Do you need to go to recruitment agency or should you apply direct? Where are the jobs in that sector advertised? which are the best online job sites? How do you make sure you do well in the interview? and how do you cope if you don't?

Help is at hand. Brilliant Job Hunter's Manual is the no waffle, no fuss guide for the smart Job hunter. Your complete starts-to-finish guide covers writing your CV and where to start looking for jobs, to interview techniques and how to negotiate a job offer .

This invaluable manual covers:

* What kind of job is right for you               * Assessment center         * Recruitment consultants

* Interview questions            * Negotiating a job offer        * Psychometric testing        * How to iinterpret job adverts



GAMES WITH CHILDREN. is a fresh and enjoyable collection of games for children aged 4 to 11, including card games,board games, physical games, and co-operatives and competitives games. The book gives helpful guidance for teachers or integrating games into the English syllabus, useful classroom langguage, classroom management, adapting traditional games, and on creating games with children 



Projects with Young Learners contains practical tried and tested ideas and materials for planning, organizing, and carrying out project work with children aged 5-13. The authors combine language and skills development with activities that will challenge young learners and motivate them to be independent

The project described in this book are designed for children of primary and early secondary schools age, from five to fourteeen. All ideas and activities has been devised, or developed and tried out, by practising teachers;they have been used and evaluated with a wide range of nationalities, both monolingual and multilingual group of various sizes 




The Internet and Young Learners is for teachers and children ages 8 - 13. it provides clear purposeful tasks, anchored in children's experience, which are carried out in the secure environtment of the classroom 

- Combine the internet with structured classroom activities to maximize its learning potential

- Web search, communication, web creation activities

- Gives guidence in creating a class website and communication with other classes around the world

- Componion website with extra material, links and advice

- Suggested websites are listed in the appendix, but activities are not tied to a particular site. 



Children learn by doing, and art, craft and design activities offer children an excellent way to learn language while developing creative skills and awareness of the world around them. Art, Crafts with Children  provides a wealth of creative, imaginative activities for children aged 4 to 14 with integrated language practice. The activities are all practical, and have been tried and tested. They can be done with the minimum of resources, and do not need special artistic expertise on the part of the teacher. Mess is kept to a minimum.



ASSESSING YOUNG LEARNERS helps teachers to assess children's progress in English , in a way that is appropriate for young learners. Jorgon-free and practical, it shoes that assessment can be fun and motivating, and integrates assessment into teaching. It help children to think about their own progress and encourage teachers to reflect on their pupils' learning. It includes marking schemes, partfolio assessment, and can be used in preparation for the UCLES Young Learners tests 



Young Learners is based on the principle that primary teachers of English have a much wider responsibility that the simple teaching of the the language system. The English class is nit only a palce where children learn Enlish; it also forkms part of their whole education.

This book provides teachers with a rich source of ideas for English lessons. It contains ideas and materials for activities such as making posters, books and carsa; making and playing with boards games and puppets, as well as drama, songs, and stories. It includes helpful hints for teachers new to young learners , for instance on the use of English in the classroom, and feedback from learners. 


In 2003 an intact specimen of four fossilized giant vertebrate was found on the shores of Loch ness. the bones were later identified as those of a plesiosaur.  

Sciencstis cannot explain how the fossil got there. Many sightings of the Loch Ness Monster sound uncannily like descriptions of a plesiosour - including its length of about 35ft., talllying with accounts of Nessie.. But there are serious problems with proposing that Nessie is - or was - a plesiosaur. Those big reptiles lived in the oceans, not fresh water : they were cold-blooded animals adapted to a subtropical temperatures - meaning they probably could not to survive the frigid depths of the loch. and then there's the dating problem: the last plesiosaurs live around 65 million years ago, but the loch itself was formed at the end of the last Ice Age and is only about 10.000 years old. Scientists say changes the specimen originated where it was found are slim; it may have been deposited by a glacier - or planted to ensure the sage of Nessie lives on

Inggris Making Housing Green


Green has become the shorthand term when we want to say ecologically friendly or environmentally sustainable. Green building are compatible with the natural environment. They use energy-efficient applliances, light, and heaters. They have water-saving plumbing systems. They are constructed with sustainable materials that do not contribute to air pollution.

Green neighbourhoods can have green buildings or or other eco-friendly amenities. Foe example They usually have parks, gardens or farmers markets. They are connected to other areas by public transportation, sidewalks or by bicycle paths. and they have active recycling programs for paper, plastic and aluminum. Green buildings and green neighbourhoods can now be found in more and more parts of the united States 

The nonprofit U.S. green Building Council has 11.000 member organization representing everu sector of the building industry. The council encourages use of the LEED system- Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design - o rate the ec0-friendliness of buildings. They system has standards for site development, water saving, mental quality, materials ad indoor environtment quality . More than 50 US cities and more than 20 federal agencies have adopted LEED standards for building. (USA Sketchbook)

Lets go green with us! 



On a fresh, sunny saturday morning in rockford, ill, nearly a thousand people have gathered in the gymnasium at Rock Valley College to participate in a town meeting with their senator, Barrack Obama. It is an astonishingly large crowd, but Obama has become an American political phenomenon in what seems about a nanosecond, and the folks are giddy with anticipation.

But that's not quitte true, there are't very many people-ebony,ivory or other-who have Obama's distrinctive portfolio of talents, aor what he calls his'exotic' family history. He told the story in blilliant, painful detail in the first book, Dream from My Father.,  which may be the best-written memoir ever produced by an American

Inggris Michelle's Gift (Barack Obama's Journey) Curtis Sittenfed


Michelle Obama is tall, smart, funny , relaxed and basically so glowly aand poised-if ske's attractive in pictures, she's flat-out gorgoreous. in person - that it almost seems as if she's already the first lady.Or at least this is the conclusion I came to after sitting down with her at Denver's Westin Tabor Center during the Democartic National Convention in August. I'd been tagging after her for a couple of days, from one rapturous audience to another, including the crownd at a community - service event for soldiers, at which an Irag -war veteran introduced her by announcing, " Ma'am, I know you were't in the military, but I'd follow you anywhere.". When I asked whether she gets bored giving the same speech over and over, and she cheerfully replied, "Yeah, absolutely".

Inggris LOVE STORY Segal



    "I'm glad you have problems with your father', she said. ' That means you're not perfect.'
    'You mean you are?
     'if I was, would I be going out with you?

    They were both different-Oliver Barrett and Jenny Cavilleri. He played sports, and she palyed music. He was very rich, and she wasnt. But they met, they fought, and they feel in love.

    What can you say about a twenty-five year old girl who died? That she was beautiful, and bright. That she loved Mozard and Bach, Beatles and Me.   

Inggris CHARLES DICKENS (1812-1870) OLIVE .LR.0160


    Charles Dickens was born in Portsmounth on 7th February 1812. He was the second of eight children. although his father was hard-working , he was unable to support his family, so Charles Dickens knew well it meant to be poor in his day.

    His first job, at the age of twelve, was labelling bottles. When his father came out of prison, where head had been sent for failing to pay his debs, Charles Dickens returned to school where he did well. At fifteen Charles began work in a law firm. Here he taught himself shorthand. Eighteen months later he began work as freelance reporter in London. When he was twenty-one his first articles, or sketches, appeared under the name of Boz.
    In 18337 Charles Dickens began Oliver Twist. Serialised in weekly magazined edited by himself, he was paid by the number lines that he wrote. A man of high spirits, he also took part in amateaur theatre. He had ten children by his first wife. He became a great social critic, although that his book David Copperfield reflect his own childhood. 
    Oliver Twist, the adventures of a boy born in a workhouse, is perhaps his best-known work and is as popular today as when it was first published

Inggris Biografi JONATHAN SWIFT (1667-1745) GULL.LT.0214

 Swift was born in Dublin, Ireland, on November 30th, 1667. Ireland was governed by the English crown at the time. He was educated at Trinity College, Dublin. after graduating from College, he spent ten years as secretary to the politician, Sir william Temple. He wanted to become a politician himself.

    He became a clergymen in 1694 and moved to England in 1720, hoping to work in politics. His first book was published in 1704 an in 1710 he became editor of a political journal called the Examiner . Following a change of government 1714 he became Dean of St. Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin .
    Swift is best known as the author of Gulliver's travels, first published in 1726 . It tells the fictional story of Lemuel Gulliver's adventures of four voyages. Two of these voyages, the first to LIliput, a land of tiny people, and the second to Brobdingnag, a land of giants, are retold in this book.
    Gullivers' Travels was very successful and widely discussed. Swift was against violence in any form. He used fiction and satire to draw attention to the political problems of his time. He died in 1745



    The Story of uncle Tom, a black slave living in North America, was the best selling novel of the ninetheenth century 

    Harriet Beecher Stowe's moving account in the face of enormous cruelty and suffering brought the harsh reality of slavery on the cotton plantations of the Deep South into the homes of all Americans. President Abrahan Linclon, in the midst of the American Civil War, is reported to have said that Mrs. Stowe was "the little lady who wrote the book that made this great war. it almost certainly helped to put and end to slavery.

    Harriet Beecher Stowe was born in Connecticut, the yougest member of a family of six brothers and four sisters. His father is famous preacher and her brothers and sisters shared an interest in religion. The America that Stowe grew up in was very different from the country we know today. There were many divisions between the North and the South, the most important being the issue of slavery.

Inggris SIR WALTER SCOTT (1771-1832)


    Sir Walter Scott was born in Edinburg on August 15, 1771. Like his father, he studied law, but he soon discovered his passion for folklore and ballads, which he at first wrote as romantic poetry. In 1814, he started his career as a novelist with Waverly, the first a series of novels set in his native Scotland including Guy Mannering (1815). Old Mortality (1816) and the hearth of Midlothian (1818) .  Scott turned his attention to another popular folk story, Ivanhoe, probably his best-known novel. He was created baronet in 1820 
     Throughout his life , Scott was fascinated by history and antiques, and in 1812 he build Abbotsford Castle, near the River Tweed in Scotland., This , together with other unwise investmenly at the time of general economic depression, resulted in a debs which he spent mush of the rest of his life paying off. Exhausted ny his efforts, he died at  Abbotsford on September, 1832

Inggris New Century Reader : THE RED PONY John Steinbeck Longman


New century reader are educational edition of a selection of the most popular modern literatire and are ideal for 11-14 year-olds of all abilities

    When Jody, a ten year old boy, leaves for school one morning, his idol, rach hand Billy Buck, promises that "it wont rain today". Unfortunately it does, with tragic consequences. This collection of four short stories explores the pains of growing up and the interdependence of human existence. 

Inggris New Century Reader : FLOUR BABIES Anne Fine Longman


New century reader are educational edition of a selection of the most popular modern literatire and are ideal for 11-14 year-olds of all abilities

   When the whole class is given the task of loking after imaginary babies made out of sacks of flour, Simon Martin has little enthusiasm.. However he soon learns more than he ever could have inagined this funny, original story deals with the strains of parenting and friendship



New century reader are educational edition of a selection of the most popular modern literatire and are ideal for 11-14 year-olds of all abilities started thinking about my mother, and wheter she wanted me when I was born. i didn't even know her name.'using half an address on a torn envelope. James decides he will find out who he really is. The snake-stone explores the issue of adotion and identity from two very different angles.

Inggris New Century Reader : A NORTHERN CHILDHOOD George Layton Longman


New century reader are educational edition of a selection of the most popular modern literatire and are ideal for 11-14 year-olds of all abilities

    These ten amusing short stories about a boy's childhood in the 1950s provide an insight into what it was like growing up in the post-war years.

    Tom and Barry both had one. I recktonhalf the kinds in our class had one. But I didn't. My mum wouldn't even listen to me. 'You're not having a balaclava! What do you want a balaclava forin the middle of summer?

    'I must've one so's I can jon the Balaclava Boya...'

    'Go and wash your hands for tea, and don't be so silly.'

Inggris New Century Readers: GOODNIGHT MISTER TOM Michelle Magorian

LR.GOOD. 0229

New Century Readers are educational edition of a selection of the most popular modern literature, and are ideal for 11 -14 year-olds of all abilities

    William Beech is an evacuee, sent to the country at the beginning of the Second World War. this is the story of his escape from a deprived childhood and his new start with Mister Tom. Willie adapts hapilly to a diffirent way of living with Mister Tom until his mother unexpectedly calls him back to London. 


Inggris new century reader : GRANNY THE PAG Nina Bawden


Granny the pag covers such theme for study of families, school life and the individual versus society. A specially-writter introduction from the author allows a unique insight into how the book was written. 

    Other people's grandma are soft and powdery and gentle and kind. Like Tom and Rosie's gradma. But Granny is a Pag.

    Rosi is my best friend and Tom is her brother. Their grandma lives in a house not far from our school and  we usually stop there on our way to the station before we watch the train home. There is always a vase of flowers in the exact middle of their gradma's window and when she opens the door she always says, ' Oh, what a lovely surpraise,' as if this the time she's seen us for about nin hundred year. Perhaps it's silly of her to pretend she wasn't expecting us when she has a tray with three mugs and a plate of biscuits ready and waiting, but it feels nice, all the same......

Inggris DISCOVERY OF DA VINCI : Kehidupan legendaris Leonardo Da Vinci


Da Vinci adalah individu yang menarik, berbakat dan memiliki segudang kegeniusan manusia. Kecerdasanya yang luar biasa telah memenagkan kekaguman dari banyak orang terhadap dirinya. Ada yang berpikir ia berasal dari dunia masa depan, ada yang berspekulasi bahwa ia seorang malaikat yang diutus ke bumi, tetapi, pernakah kita memikirkan: rahasis-rahasia dari sunber keahlianya? kemungkinan adanya kode genetik genius di dalam dirinya? Apa rahasia yang mengelilingi misteri dari karya-karyanya? Apa yang dapat dipelajari dari hidupnya? Dan bila demikian, bagaimana semua pelajaran itu dapat bermanfaat bagi generasi yang akan datang?


Leonardo Da Vinci (1452-1519) adalah ahli seni terkenal pada periode Renaisans Italia. Ia juga seorang ilmuan , ahli teori kesustraan, filsuf, penyair, musisi dan ahli mesin. Da Vinci menpunyai banyak bakat dan sering dideskripsikan sebagai "arketipe manusia Reinasans" . Seperti Albert Einstein, namanya bersinonim dengan "genius".

Davinnci adalah seorang terpelajar, dan menonjol bukan hanya dalam melukis, melainkan juda dalam memahat, arsitektur, obat-obatan, musik, drama, fisika, hortikultura, astronomi dan geografi. Ia menyumbangkan banyak hal dalam perkembanganberbagai hal dalam bidang-bidang tersebut. Jarang ada fakta yang diketahui bahwa Da Vinci lah yang mempunyai ide pertama pesawat terbang. Bahkan ia merancang dan menguji pesawat terbang yang pertama di dunia. Dalam melukis, pencapainya sangat luar biasa. Bersama dengan Michelangelo dan Raphael, ketiganya dikenal secara umum sebagai seniman-seniman terbaik sepanjang periode High Rainassance. Di antara lukisan-lukisanya, "The Mona Lisa", "The last Supper", dan "Virgin of the Rocks" adalah yang paling terkenal. 

Inggris Library - Soimething to everyone

The united state has about 17.400 public library facilities supported by local, state and federal govevrments and open free of charge. This includes main libraries, branch outlets, and bookmobiles. In 2004, America visited libraries 1.3 billion tiles, an increase of 61 pecent in 10 yearand borrowed2 million books or library materials. Electronic resources were used 343 million times. Between 2004 and 2006, 550 public libraries were built or renovated.

America libraries are no longer just bulidings full of books. They are centers of print materials, electronic data, music, video and art. Some even have cafes Carla Hayde, a libraryexecutive in Baltimore, Maryland, noted that "libraries have become vital places, even noisy ones. There's truly something for everyone".

Library have activities for children and teenagers. Classes for seniors. Special assistances for job-seekers and etrepreneaurs . anyone needs information is welcome.

As technology has changed the way people access information, libraries have changed the way they provide it. Some , for example, aren't even located in building

Libraries remain a place where people can meet their neighbors, but are now also a place where people can meet in the world. . (source; sketchbook usa)

How is library in Indonesia ?




Kisah Hidup yang unik dan kesuksean kampanye Barack Obama menuju kursi kepresidenan AS telak membuka babak baru dalam politik America

Presiden Obama, presiden Afrika-Amerika pertama Amerika Serikat, membawa kisah hidup berbeda dari semua pemimpin AS sebelumnya. Putra ras campuran dari ayah Kenya and ibu kulit putih dari jantung negeri Amerika, Obama melesat ke pentas popularitas nasional dengan pidato inti yang diterima baik dalam Konvensi Nasional Demokrat pada tahun 2004, tahun ketika dia terpilih menjadi anggota senat AS di negara bagian Illinois. 


The gentleman soon dies. Then the stepmpther's true nature was releved. She was only interested in her ugly, selfish daughters. The stepmother gave Ella a little room in the attic, old rags to wear, and all the housework to do. Soon everyone called her Cinderella, because she got so covered with cinders from cleaning the fireplaces. But Cinderella had many friends. The old horse and Bruno the dog lover her. The mice love her, too. She protected them from her stepmother's nasty cat, Lucifer. Two of her favourite mice were Gus and Jaq. Cinderella was kind to everyone-even to Lucifer. But Lucifer only took advantage of her kindness...........

From the moment on, everything was a dream come true. Cinderella went off to the palace with the happy Grand Duke. The Prince was overjoyed to see her, and so was the King. Cinderella and the Prince were soon married. In her happier, Cinderella didn't forgot about her animal, They all moved into the castle .


LR. SNOW.0234

Long ago , in a faraway kingdom, there lived a lovely young Princess named Snow White. Her stepmother, the Quee, was cruel and vain. She hated anyone whose beauty rivaled her own- and she watched her stepdaughter with angry , jealous eyes. The Queen had had magic powers and owned a wondrous mirror that spoke. Every day she stood before it and asked:

" Magic mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?"

and every day the mirror answered:

:You are the fairest of all, O queen, The fairest our eyes have ever seen."

as time passed, Snow White grew more and more beautiful-and the Queen grew more and envious. So she forced the Princess to dress in rangs and work in the kitchen from dawn to dusk.

Despite all the had work, Snow White stayede sweet, gentle, and cheerful.  Day after day she washed and swept and scrubbed. And day after day she dreamed of a handsome Prince who would come and carry her off to his castle....

One day a handsome Prince came riding through the forest. As soon as he saw Snow White he fell in love with her. Kneeling by her coffin, he kissed her. Snow White sat up, blinked her eyes and smiled. The Prince's kiss had broken the evil spell! As the Dwarfs danced with joy the Price carried Snow White off to his castle, where lived happily ever after.

Inggris SPEAKING EFFECTIVELY ; Developing Speaking skills for Business E Jeremy Comford/ CUP


 Speaking Effectively ia a resource for learners who want to improve their speaking skills in a general Business English context. It can be used as supplementary material or as the basis for a course. It contains 14 short units, which cover a range of topics from Chairing a meeting to Socializing, and 3 case studies which provides  an opportunity to consolidate what has been presented in the previous units.

Speaking Effectively is suitable for learners at an intermediate level. 




ENGLISH FOR ACADEMIC PURPOSES: EAP NOW! has been carefully written by Kathy Cox and David Hill to provide the reqired academic skills for sucess in English-speaking tertiary institutions.

It takes students from Upper Intermediate to Advanced Level. Although designed specifically for students from countries where English is not the native language, the book's focus on academic skills means it is also extremely useful for native speakers of English who are preparing for college or university study. 




ENGLISH FOR ACADEMIC PURPOSES: EAP NOW! has been carefully written by Kathy Cox and David Hill to provide the reqired academic skills for sucess in English-speaking tertiary institutions.

It takes students from Upper Intermediate to Advanced Level. Although designed specifically for students from countries where English is not the native language, the book's focus on academic skills means it is also extremely useful for native speakers of English who are preparing for college or university study. 

Inggris READY TO ORDER: Elementary English for the Restaurant Industry Anne Baude, M. Iglesias, Anne Inesta



Ready to Order is for students training to become or working as chefs, bartenders or wautung staff. It provides the language training they need to be operational in the fast-moving food and beverage industry. Aimed at elementary level. Ready to order also caters for the needs of mixed ability groups.

Ready to Order presents and practices the relevant language and skills work in context by focusing on typical situations in a hotel restaurant 


Inggris NEW INSIGHTS INTO BUSINESS Graham Tullis , Tonya Trappe



New Insight Into Business is a fully updated edition of the hihgly popular and successful Inssight into Business. It can be used a self-contained course, or by students who have completed First insight into business. The two courses take students from pre-intermediate to upper intermediate level and appropriate excellent practice for major Business English exams. 


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